AGNES Sleeveless A-line Knee Length Print Mesh Trapeze Dress

  • $99.00


Lovely sleeveless A-line dress, knee length, crew neck. Gently expands and flows to just above the knee for a flattering fit that accommodates all shapes. Fully lined. 

Luxurious, stretchy mesh from Italy. Stunning print in shades of gray, salmon, ocher teal and black with a 2" black hem.

If you had only one dress for the summer, this would be it. Flats and sandals for day wear. Heels at night. Wear it today, hand wash it tonight, it's ready for tomorrow. Roll it up in a suitcase or a purse! Great for traveling.

36" from shoulder to hem.

100% Polyamide. Fabric imported from Italy.

Washable. Packable.

Made in the USA.


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